Also known as Gruvw, I was born in 2002 in Switzerland. I started to learn how to code at the age of 10. Since then, I have fallen in love with programming and Computer Science in general. I learned a lot about programming by myself before studying Computer Science at EPFL and I wrote many projects (some of them are Open-Source, you can check them out on my GitHub). I try to have as many professional experiences as possible in order to develop my skills further and better understand professional environments. I highly customized my working environment (PDE) to perfectly fit my workflow/needs and edit text blazingly fast. I am passionate and very curious about everything, and I never miss an opportunity to learn.


EPFL 2022-09-20 —

Student Assistant

Programming course student teaching assistant (CS-107 two times, CS-108 two times).

Del West 2021-08-16 — 2020-09-03

Information Technology Intern

Installation and configuration of SCADA system on CNC machines (Industry 4.0). Data collection and analysis of industrial production.


  • Configuration of data acquisition servers using MongoDB
  • Technical analysis of production using OEE and TEEP
  • Automatic reports generation

Project for a private customer 2020-07-06 — 2020-08-23

Software engineer

Programmation of a custom software: video projected target on which you can shoot with a laser gun.


  • Software and hardware compatibility
  • Video recognition using OpenCV

Private teacher 2019 — 2021

Teaching Maths, Physics, French and Microsoft Office.

Nestlé, Vevey 2019-07-29 — 2019-08-09

Summer Intern

Short internship in the Finances department.


  • Creation of Microsoft Power BI dashboards for financial data visualisation
  • Extensive use of the Microsoft Office Suite

Babysitter 2018 — 2020

Red-Cross babysitting certificate.

Sogel Foundation, Lausanne 2018-07-22 — 2018-07-29

Summer Intern

Short internship in the administration department.

Franic Technologies SA, Renens 2016-10-15 — 2016-10-19

Summer Intern

Very short internship, get in touch with IT.

EPFL, Lausanne 2021-09 —

Computer Science


  • CS-233: Machine Learning
  • EE-202: Electronics
  • CS-328: Numerical Methods for Visual Computing and Machine Learning
  • CS-304: Research Project in Computer Science
  • EE-310: Microprogrammed Embedded Systems
  • CS-358: Making Intelligent Things
  • EE-312: Matrix analysis

EPFL, Lausanne 2020-09 — 2021-07

Special Mathematics Course

Burier High School, La-Tour-De-Peilz 2017-08 — 2020-07

High School diploma
Maths and Physics specialization

Secondary School, Blonay 2014-08 — 2017-07

Pre high school diploma
Maths and Physics specialization

Information Technology Award

Awarded 2020-07-03
by Burier High School, La-Tour-De-Peilz
Last year in highschool award - For the excellence of his results in IT.

Léman Make - Robotics contest, Nyon

Awarded 2015
by Milliwatt conference, EPFL
Second place at the Léman Make robotics contest after one year of preparation. Presentation of the robot to the Milliwatt conference at EPFL.

Programming languages

  • Rust
  • Python
  • Dart / Flutter
  • C / Arduino
  • Java / Scala
  • LaTeX
  • SQL
  • WEB: HTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP


  • Neovim (Vim) / Visual Studio Code
  • MySQL / SQLite / MongoDB / Redis
  • GIT / GitHub
  • GNU / Linux / Debian
  • Microsoft/Libre Office Suite
Native speaker
B2 Certificate
School level


  • Playing guitar / Digital instruments
  • Listening (~90000 minutes per year)


  • Neovim
  • VIFM
  • Qtile
  • Fish Shell


  • Custom Split Keyboard (36 keys)
  • Average: ~140 words per minute
  • Top: ~170 words per minute


  • Code Golf
  • Electronics
  • Video Games
  • Foosball (Table Football)
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Constructed language
  • Theater: Member of Burier high school theater troupe 2019