Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Game

Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Game

Programming a Nintendo DS game and adding Wi-Fi cappabilities.

You can access the source code and the documentation regarding this project on the following GitHub repository:

Table of contents:

Programming a Nintendo DS game and adding Wi-Fi capabilities.

🧠 Concept

I took a course at EPFL that teached students on programming “microprogrammed embedded systems”. We used the Nintendo DS Lite as the platform to practice and program what we learned.
I decided to build a Tic-Tac-Toe clone on an Nintendo DS and later add Wi-Fi functionalities to enable two player games on two different devices.

Note: I strongly encourage you to look at the GitHub repository of the project if you are interested. The README is very detailed and goes deep into the technicalities.

🏁 Result

Here is a short video demonstrating the resulting game:

The quality of the video is not perfect but we can see the game running correctly.
I start by showcasing the game on a single device and then bring a second Nintendo DS and play using a Wi-Fi connection.

🛠️ Process

Wi-Fi stack


Message Queue FSM

📝 Conclusion