Custom IoT in my house

Custom IoT in my house

How I designed, built and programmed a full IoT system in my house from scratch.

You can access the source code and the documentation regarding this project on the following GitHub repository:

Table of contents:

I connected regular household/garden devices in my house to control them via a smartphone. I built the whole system from scratch without relying on any existing IoT solutions.

📱 Project description

Relay and ESP mini packages Relay with ESP cables for lamp in box Relay for ESP mini with pinout

Mobile home screen WEB interface Lamps control WEB interface Scheduler day picker Scheduler time picker Scheduler invalid times validation Scheduler number of lamps picker Scheduler lamp picker Scheduler summary of active schedules Stores WEB controls for whole house Water WEB controls

Three final assembled box for stores control + IR stores remote Stores inside of control box with relays connected to buttons (open remote) Stores remote with open box (cables inside remote) Stores remote (multiple) final box open Stores remote (single) final box open

Telegram scheduler feedback messages Telegram other user feedback messages Telegram lamp menu Telegram main menu Telegram notification selection menu Telegram settings menu Telegram store selection menu Telegram store action Telegram vanne selection

Outside boxes for garden control Metal box inside Arduino MEGA relays for vannes controls Startup/power box insides Startup/power open box cables connected